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SAFE HARBOUR CHURCH PROVIDING $10 AFFORDABLE FOOD PACKAGES AND GLOBAL CARE EQUIPMENT ON RUSSELL ISLAND The Safe Harbour Church on Russell Island is supporting the island community on a number of important levels. Not only are they providing important food packages who need them on a weekly basis, but they also now have Global Care vehicles and equipment to help out in times of emergency situations, such as our recent storms and record rains. Fred Brogden is the senior pastor of the Safe Harbour Church and, over the years, has instigated a number of community initiatives on our islands. The food program has been in place for the past 10 years. “We started it way back then because of a need. “Many people came here thinking it was a Nirvana and then realised there was very little work here. “We were able to access food supply and each Tuesday we put together food packages that can be collected at our Safe Harbour Church at the Bay Island Community Centre complex in Jackson Road,” Fred Brogden explained. The food packages are available for $10 per family and is open to anyone in need. A huge group of Safe Harbour Church volunteers each week turn up to fill the packages and hand them out to those who turn up. Currently around 50 packages are handed out each week. The church became part of the Global Care social justice group some time ago. The concept was established by an international network of churches. Safe Harbour has two vehicles and other equipment on the islands that are available in any crisis or need. They were put to good use during the recent flood crisis, with the island church providing a trailer load of equipment and volunteers to the mainland to assist in the flood clean-up. The church has also donated about $1000 to the Global Care flood appeal as well. To find out more, please phone Mobile 0422189942 or 0431445281.

• Pastor Fred Brogden and food program co-ordinator Susan Jones and some of the volunteers and packages.



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