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the Bay Islands Real Estate

Steve Morgan and Debbie Hoffman welcome you to drop in and say Hi at the new office of bay islands Real Estate. The Bay Islands Real Estate will be looking for more properties to put before the constant flow of people strolling past their front window that is now located in the foyer of the Russell Island Shopping Centre as part of the Russell Newsagency premises.The real estate office in the newsagency is part of a major upgrade by newsagency owners Larry and Debbie Hoffman.There are some more exciting additions to come!At Bay Islands Real Estate Steve and Debbie are keen to put best in island properties in front of an ever growing list of potential buyers and those keeping an eye on the investment opportunities on the Islands.Both Steve and Debbie are well know on Russell Island and over time intend to expand the business to all Southern Moreton Bay Islands. Service, knowledge, understanding and a professional attitude will be a large part of the experience when dealing with the new office. So please come in and see what is now on offer and check out their new bay islands Real Estate office!

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