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The opening of the Moreton Bay Denture Clinic is another valued professional service that islanders can now enjoy without leaving our islands.Paul and Ginette Hemingway have established Moreton Bay Denture Clinic on Macleay Island.The couple moved from Lake Macquarie in NSW to Beelong Street on Macleay Island at the beginning of November in 2013.Paul wanted to enjoy his long overdue retirement, and where better to do this than on a totally waterfront property with a boat shed and ramp! A truly million dollar view.Sure enough, lots of super crabs were caught, and as long they were not small, or female, they were cooked and eaten same day! Yum! Living the Aussie Dream.Four chickens have been acquired and housed in considerable style, and the most expensive eggs ever are expected soon! Well, hopefully?Paul is a highly qualified prosthetist with over three decades of experience in NSW, and a lifetime career in the industry, starting out in the UK at 15, with many years as a prosthetist in the British Army.Private clinics in Australia resulted in the happy move to Macleay Island.And, naturally, he is happy to continue helping Moreton Bay Island people to achieve that 'winning smile' now he is here. It would be a shame to let these talents lapse.So, if you have managed to break your dentures and need speedy same-day repair, or need a brand spanking new set to restore your smile, Paul is your man.All the work is done in Paul's clinic and only the best products are used, and you won’t have to keep going back and forth to the mainland. Why, if you need to, we will come and pick you up from the Macleay Island Ferry Terminal.So please call Paul on 0409 246 347 – the consultation is free. And prices will be very competitive. Don’t delay that smile another day. P.S. Remember ladies, a new set of teeth, made exclusively for you, is as good as a face lift.CAPTIONPaul Hemingway at work in his Moreton Bay Denture Clinic onMacleay Island.

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