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Baby Boomer Tales of a 'Boomer' Childhood at the Arse End of the World

Ask any Baby Boomer and they will tell you they were 'the best years of our lives!'Despite the Cold War, the Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Korea and Vietnam and, oh, a ferociously funny mother, the late 1940's, 50's and early 60's were Boomer Halcyon Days. Baby Boomer, Tales of a 'Boomer' Childhood at the Arse End of the World, is an Australian Baby Boomer story that will delight in its memories of long summer days, and personal freedom that people today can only dream about. Boomer youngsters were able to run and play without supervision almost anywhere with no concerns other than playing and enjoying friends and family. It also honours parents and a simpler time and highlights those awkward, growing and changing years.Self deprecating, Gerard Thompson is journalist who grew up in Hobart, Tasmania, at the bottom of Australia.Today, he recalls those memories from more tropical climes - South East Queensland.If you are a Baby Boomer, you will love the memories this read will reignite. If you are from another generation, it will tell you about a precious time in our modern evolution.You will love this light hearted, funny read about one Baby Boomer's unusual story. More info

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