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The Bay Islands Chamber of Commerce is to introduce a Zero Tolerance Program throughout the Bay Islands.The program has been inspired by recent efforts on Karragarra Island which saw the island community, with the support of Redland Bay Police, introduce a Zero Tolerance policy in relation to behaviour in the Karragarra Beach area by visiting young visitors.A recent spate of incidents of bad language and behaviour on Russell and Macleay Islands has sparked concern in the business community.Russell Island Police recently reported to a Chamber meeting that there had been a 'number' of violent incidents in and around the shopping areas of Russell Island.The Zero Tolerance program is also supported by The Friendly Bay Islander.A number of Zero Tolerance posters are being produced to be displayed in island shops and businesses."It is about the business community standing up and being counted when it comes to poor behaviour on our islands."The community can make a real contribution, back up our police, and provide support and action," says Bay Islands Chamber of Commerce president Col McInnes.The chamber president said he would be encouraging all island businesses, whether they are members of the chamber or not, to support the campaign.Posters are being designed and produced by The Friendly Bay Islander and will be offered to local businesses for display purposes."It is hoped the posters provide a message to residents who bring discredit to our island community that their bad behaviour and bad language is not acceptable," says Managing Editor of the Friendly Bay Islander, Gerard Thompson."It is about giving a lead to our community and taking a stand," he said.The posters are designed in such a way as to encourage island residents to 'report' anything they see to Crime Stoppers.The Zero Tolerance plan is supported by Redland City Council's Cr Mark Edwards, State Member for Redlands, Peter Dowling, and Federal Member for Bowman, Andrew Laming.Our representatives advise that they support the Zero Tolerance strategy."The community can give an example to others on what is acceptable behaviour," says Cr Mark Edwards"Safe and happy communities just don't happen. They are an outcome of each of us accepting responsibility for our own actions and behaviour," the councillor said.

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