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Ipswich Mayor Pisasale to Address Island Business and Community Leaders

The progressive Mayor of Ipswich, Paul Pisasale, is coming to the Bay Islands to address business and community operators and leaders.The headline-creating Mayor has done much to change the image of Ipswich from a once industrial backwater into an innovative, progressive and growing municipality.Mayor Pisasale has learned how to turn headlines to his advantage to achieve his objectives.Holding the world record for the largest collection of short-black coffee cups, is just one of his headline-grabbing exercises.The Mayor has been invited to a special event on Macleay Island to speak about Changing Our Community.He is being brought here by The Bay Islands Chamber of Commerce and The Friendly Bay Islander in a joint Island Business Promotion.He will be accompanied to the special event on Macleay Island by Redland City Council Mayor and friend, Karen Williams, and Division 5 representative, Cr Mark Edwards.The event will be held at Tingira Boat Club, Coast Road, Macleay Island, on Thursday, May 22, from 6pm for a 6.30pm start.Invitations will be emailed to most Island Businesses to attend the FREE event."Bringing Mayor Pisasale here is about showing leadership in our community," says president of the Bay Islands Chamber of Commerce, Col McInnes."The Mayor knows what is all about when it comes to changing perceptions of a community and providing leadership."They are both qualities that the Bay Islands Chamber of Commerce aspires to," Col McInnes said.He said he wanted the special Island Event to help 'unite' all island businesses."This is one way we can all work together to provide leadership and to make things happen," the chamber president said.Gerard Thompson, of The Friendly Bay Islander, said that this event would be the first of similar events and strategies to follow."It is about affecting change, and getting others who know how it's done to come here and help. It is a great way to go about it."The Friendly Bay Islander is here to help business and to help make our islands a better place to live," he added.The event will feature just a small amount of Chamber information, particularly in relation to new membership advantages, with the majority of the early evening event to be Mayor Pisasale and questions and answers to follow. He will be introduced by Redland City Council Mayor, Karen Williams.Those who attend on the night who join the chamber, will go in a draw to have a FREE website designed for their business at a value of $400.To make sure you get invited to the event, please contact:• Chamber président Col McInnes by email: Col & Kay McInnes <>or• The Friendly Bay Islander by email: thebayislander@bigpond.comAll advertisers in The Friendly Bay Islander will be invited to attend as well as members and prospective members of the Bay Islands Chamber of Commerce.

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