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The Karragarra Yacht Club annual Sail Past and Blessing of the Fleet provided a glimpse of its potential in brilliant island sunshine.With nearly 50 craft participating in the sail past, the water passage between Macleay and Karragarra islands was packed with more than 100 craft of sail and engine in all shapes and sizes showing the huge potential of our waterways.The Sail Past and Blessing was held on the same day as the Multicultural Event on Macleay Island, which kept the island ferries packed with islanders taking advantage of the free inter-island transport and the popular events on two islands.The day also marked the 21st anniversary of the founding of the Karragarra Yacht Club and it was the third annual Sail Past and Blessing of the Fleet.This event offers much potential and The Friendly Bay Islander believes that it has the potential to be developed into a full Regatta in the future, taking advantage of the organisation by the Karragarra Yacht Club and its enthusiastic Commodore Col McInnes, local craft, our beautiful waterways, and the enthusiasm of local boat owners.Other craft events could be added to the day including a bathtub derby and other fun events involving craft of different shapes and sizes, offering the potential to be another major attraction that will bring visitors to our island shores.The Sail Past salute was taken this year by Commodore McInnes who was joined by Commodore Neville Prosser of the Tingira Boat Club and Pastor Bill Pearson, who prevailed for the Blessing of the Fleet.The event was also attended by State Parliament Member for Redlands, Peter Dowling and his wife Helen, Mayor of Redland City Council Karen Williams and her husband Peter, and Division 5 Counciilor Mark Edwards and his wife Suzette.One of the highlights of the day was the cutting of the special 21st birthday cakes with the brilliant backdrop of the Karragarra Beach in the background.

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