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LOVE! HOPE! JUMP! Coochie Residents Skydive Against Slavery

On May 3rd, six women from Coochiemudlo Island are braving their fears and taking to the skies to JUMP 14,000ft in the name of charity. Love! Hope! JUMP! is the annual fundraiser for Hands of Compassion. Diana, Naomi Clarey, Tanya Tennant, Jodie Bowden, Michelle Crozier and Lisa Black will join over 65 Brisbane locals, including 2 state and local government officials, in the skies over Coolum and skydive to raise the funds needed to build a safe house for victims of sexual servitude in Cape Town, South Africa. Love! Hope! Jump! aims to raise awareness and establish financial support in order to make a difference to one of the most unspoken about, but serious and very real issues that many countries are faced with right now – even Australia. “Some unfairly label it controversial and shy away from speaking about it, however this year we hope to make a difference for the women in South Africa who are unfairly and unjustly suffering for the sex slave trade,” a HOC representative said. “Women step into this industry initially by choice because of poor education, lack of opportunity, corruption, and a need to put food on the table for their children and families. There is no better way to describe this unknown world than "hell". “One of the great things about LHJ is that we aren’t raising funds for a cure – ‘one day’, or for medical research. All of the funds raised through the jump will actually save lives this year.”These six women from Coochiemudlo have pledged to raise $1,200 each towards this cause. As a fundraising event they are hosting the LOVE HOPE JUMP Sunday Sesh at the Coochiemudlo Island Community Hall on 27th April.It will be an afternoon of Live Music, Food, Drinks, raffles admist a spectacular view from Red Rock. Pre-purchased tickets are $25 or $40 per couple and include food & entertainment. Live acts will feature Willie Angelo & the Basement Hustle and local bands and artists. All the proceeds from this event will benefit Love Hope JUMP go directly to the South African project. If you would like to get involved, tickets can be purchased by calling Michelle on 0411 398 157 – or donations can be made to support the the jumpers at

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