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Russell Island has an exciting concept for a Community Cultural Centre to be built on an ideal plot of land in High Street within easy walking distance of the jetty.The Community Cultural Centre is the brainchild of the Russell Island Association and it has been working for some time to earn community and government support for the project.A site has been selected, a concept for the centre designed, and all the organisation needs now is the will of both local and State Government and the community to make it happen.What the group is seeking is a funding formula that will turn the dream into reality, and help from volunteers and supporters who can 'help' make it happen.The concept of a Community Cultural and Visitor Centre was born out of a need to relocate the Russell Island Museum and to have a facility that would recognise the diverse range of artists and artisans resident who live on the islands. It would also offer meeting and art education facilities for the island community.A major influence, too, is the need to provide visitors with the information required to make either their day trip, or their holiday. Group secretary, Nancy Olsson, says a considerable amount of work has already been completed by the group."We have formed an association and are in the process of incorporation," she said.Well known Russell Island resident Kay Ross is president.The group has already asked Redland City Council to designate the High Street block (next to St Peter's Anglican Church and the council depot and opposite the library) as a location for the cultural centre. Nancy Olsson said: "We are in the process of applying for a permit to occupy the block at 21-23 High Street, and Council has given its in-principle support, pending of course a satisfactory application. "Council is also providing us with a fair amount of non-financial support," she said.Funding for the village-style project is hoped to come via grant applications to all levels of government.The committee is looking to sponsorship arrangements, local contributions and possibly local fund raising.The group recognises there is some way to go with the project, but are determined for a positive outcome."We need people who can help with the planning and the processes."We have to have soil tests and other processes done, and we are hoping some local businesses will donate some of their services," Nancy Olsson added.There is no doubt considerable government and community goodwill towards the project.It's development and concept would also be very complimentary to desired location, filling an important island community gap.

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