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This month I am pleased to announce "The Canaipa Nursery Garden Competition Spring 2014, designed to generate some fun and inspiration amongst our many green thumbs on the Bay Islands . We will be awarding generous prizes for

• Best ornamental garden

• Best edible garden

• Best cottage garden

• Best letterbox , and

• Best overall garden will be featured in the spring Sept/Oct edition of the The Friendly Bay !slander . Further details about our competition will be in next issue , or pop into the nursery, have a cappuccino and talk to Jacqui .

Roses are our big feature in store right now, with stunning varieties like Mr Lincoln, Blue Moon, Princesse de Monaco, freesia, double delight, Queen Elizabeth, Eiffel Tower , Peter Frankenfeld and iceberg.

Like any plant , roses need good soil preparation by adding organic compost like active 8 into the ground or pot . Roses also like to be raised a little to promote drainage, along with a daily gentle water mid morning so the foliage dries out before dark, as well as a specific rose fertilizer . To finish , a nice thick layer of mulch like sugar cane, pine bark or cypress around the base, but not touching the stem .

Come and smell the roses and check out our wide range of gardening supplies as well as produce which includes chicken mash and pellets , wild bird and parrot seed, sunflower, cracked corn and wheat all in 20 kg or 5 kg bags , chick starter, duck and guinea pig food .

Pick your own organic herbs, let the kids mingle with our mini zoo pets , while having a lovely cappuccino, hot choc , chai latte or tea .

Lots to see at Canaipa Nursery ! Open 7 days

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