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Golden Glider Kitti Schell a 'Den Mother' to new Skate Park

The new Macleay Island Skate Park has been 'adopted' by well known island identity and health, fitness and wellbeing exponent, Kitti Schell.

Kitti lives adjacent to the new Skate Park and has been so enthusiastic about its eventual reality, she was, in fact, the very first person to actually use the facility.

Anyone who knows Kitti cannot help but be influenced by her positive enthusiasm.

This was obvious when the workers on the site were befriended by Kitti with the result she was asked to 'give it a go' before construction was completed.

Having a 'den mother' like Kitti just over the road, could be the best news ever for the new skate park.

Kitti has already used the facility for some of her Tai Chi exercises, and has so far mastered the skateboard and has used her bike on some of the obstacles.

She admits to not being quite in the same 'league' as some of the young people who have been using the park, but she is adamant that the terrific new facility can be used by 'everyone'.

"If I can do it, so can anyone," she says with the bonus of her usual bountiful smile.

Kitti Schell admits her passion in life is health, fitness and well being, and she believes the skate park compliments her ideals.

"It doesn't matter how old you are, anyone can be fit and healthy at any age," she says.

Kitti is already well known for her pilates, heart moves, yoga and tai chi classes she runs on the islands.

Now she has added the 'Golden Gliders' to her list of health and fitness achievements.

"I want others to come and join me and enjoy the skate park.

"It is beautifully designed and compliments the park area and should be enjoyed by everyone."

With this in mind she is holding the first Golden Gliders event at the Skate Park at 10.30 am on Thursday the 15th of May.

If you miss this date because you haven't received your Friendly Bay Islander in time, you may contact Kitti on 0400 463 443.

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