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Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale would love to have the Bay Islands in his 'inland' electorate.

"I can't believe how unbelievable it is here.

"If it was in my electorate, the islands would be the jewel in our crown," he told The Friendly Bay Islander in an exclusive interview.

Australia's most high profile Mayor was enthusiastic about everything he saw in his short stay on the islands to address a packed audience at a Conversation Event, sponsored by The Friendly Bay Islander in partnership with the Bay Islands Chamber of Commerce, at the Tingira Boat Club on Macleay Island.

"For a start, the islands deserve to be a separate, individual ward of the Redland City Council.

"You need to have a councillor totally responsible for the destiny of the islands.

"Having a mixed electorate for your current representative Cr Mark Edwards, is ludicrous.

"The islands are so special; they deserve special attention," he said with words that will be grasped with enthusiasm by island residents.

"The islands are a gem," he continued.

"I can see passive and small manufacturing industry coming here.

"Why aren't there any resorts on these islands?" Mayor Pisasale asked.

"I can tell you I would have eco resorts and other initiatives happening without even thinking about it.

"I would urge your local council to make it easier for things to happen here," the Mayor said, declaring the islands could be easily 'financially independent'.

"And it is not just the big things, it is the little things, too.

"Just having a look at your entrances to this island (Macleay), I would be dressing up your front door asthetically, putting in security cameras and few other initiatives.

"Do it on all your islands.

"These are small things and they can be done so easily," the popular and outspoken Mayor said.

"I'm not into doom and gloom," Mayor Pisasale said.

"I'm into making it happen and I can tell you that I reckon your islands have more potential than any area I have seen, particularly as you are so close to Brisbane, the airport and the Gold Coast.

"Your islands are a potential tourism Gold Mine about to explode," he added.

Mayor Pisasale also stated that the islands of Moreton Bay within the boundary of Redland City Council should be a 'separate ward unto themselves',

"The islands are unique and different. They should have a councillor representing just the islands.

"Mixing the islands with a mainland ward is not conducive to good management," he added.

He encouraged Redland City Council to continue on its path of developing partnerships and declaring that the council was 'open for business'.

"Extend it to these islands.

"This is where the potential is," Mayor Paul Pisasale concluded.

And so say all of us!