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Four island students who attend Kimberley College are headed to one of the most infamous countries on earth - Rwanda.

The students have been part of a school fund raising project inspired by World Vision Australia's 'Experience Rwanda' program.

About 20 students from the college have been involved with the fund raising, including island students and classmates Sophie Wilson, Jessica Robinson, Amelie Soper and Mikey Kerrige.

The students were inspired by the program that led them to them undertaking a gruelling 14-point criteria process of selection.

The result is that all 20 of the students have been selected to be the Youth Ambassadors for World Vision and will participate in the RWANDA Trip in September this year.

Further fund raising is now required for the students to earn the money to fund their 11-day sojourn.

The adventure journey is about experiencing first hand the development work by World Vision in Rwanda in partnership with local communities.

The visit will be about meeting local Rwandan people, seeing some of the World Vision programs, learning about the challenges the country and the people are confronted with, listen to stories about transformation and assisting in some simple, sustainable development actions.

The island students are particularly looking forward to the trek that will be via the Inspired Adventures organisation.

Jessica, Sophie and Mikey are all from Macleay Island. Amelie is from Russell Island.

Watch out for them fund-raising in the coming weeks in the lead up to September.

Give them all the help they can so they get to experience this wild African adventure that could very well change their lives!