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The reason for inviting the Mayor of Ipswich to the Bay Islands to speak to island business people, was to be a catalyst for inspiration.

Mayor Paul Pisasale was certainly all those things, and more.

He enthralled a packed Tingira Boat Club venue on a pretty impressive night, surprising many not only with his positive agenda, but also his intelligence and direction.

A great indicator at the end of the night - and still wearing a I Love The Friendly Bay Islands T shirt - he was spoken to by island shopping centre owner Ian Larkman.

Ian Larkman explained the costs and difficulties that he has been presented with in trying to have a eco resort built on Russell Island.

Before he said another word, Mayor Pisasale rushed over and grabbed Mayor Karen Williams arms where she had been in discussion, dragged her over, and told her 'you must make this happen. You must make it easier for things to happen on these islands.'

"Make it easier for things to happen in the construction phase, and you get it back at a later date," he declared.

Mayor Pisasale went even further, saying to The Friendly Bay Islander that he would 'love to have these islands in the Ipswich electorate. They would be the jewel in our crown,' he said - echoing words that we have often declared in these columns.

It is known that Redland City Council is currently looking at a 'new agenda' for our islands.

The details of a new policy is not known, but it is believed to be based on making it easier for 'things to happen' on our islands.

It is the view of The Friendly Bay Islander that a desirable objective for our group of islands would to one day have an eco-style resort on both Russell and Macleay Islands, as well as an island aged care facility.

Such passive industry would make our islands economically viable and sustainable.

And when we talk of attracting business and manufacturing industry here, we aren't talking about heavy industry.

We are talking about support for existing business; the building industry; possibilities with IT and solar manufacturing; and other light industry.

Industry such as these would provide gainful employment and change our island demographic.

But it won't happen unless Redland City Council makes it happen.

Currently, the costs in just getting a developmental project to the starting stage, are prohibitive.

It needs to be 'horses for courses', but we know that Cr Mark Edwards and Mayor Karen Willliams are looking at these directions.

Basically, our islands deserve to be Redland City Council's declared Priority Development Area, just as the Queensland Government have declared Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek PDA's!