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The recent Karra Yacht Club Ball held on beautiful Karragarra Island, has been hailed by the Australia Navy Band.

The band was the highlight of the event with Karra Yacht Club members and friends from all islands enjoying the unique island event.

And so, too, it was the the Australian Navy Band, Queensland contingent.

The band was brought to the island by Ensign Camille Martin and contained Queensland members of the band.

And, for the occasion, two further Navy musicians were 'flown in' from NSW to supplement the contingent.

As impressive a night it was for those who attended, it was even more so for the band members themselves.

Ensign Martin spoke at the end of the night declaring the unique island ball and the sandy Karra Beach and roadside "for making it one of the most memorable nights for the band for a long time to come.

"It was not only for the unique location, but the warm hospitality received," the band leader said.

Commodore of the Karra Yacht Club, Col McInnes, was equally complimentary of the Australian Navy Band.

"To have musicians of this calibre gracing our event with their presence, was unique and special for all those involved," he said.

The many who attended enjoyed the balmy night, the breachside fires and the meal, along with dancing to the outstanding music.

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