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The Mayor of Ipswich, Paul Pisasale, has sent a letter of commendation to The Friendly Bay Islander.

The letter from the controversial Mayor was a follow up to the outstanding Conversations event staged on Macleay Island at the instigation of The Friendly Bay Islander and the Bay Islands Chamber of Commmerce.

Mayor Pisasale in his letter said:

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to come over and share my journey and ideas with your community.

"Firstly, to your publication.

"Thank you for producing a magazine that cares for the future, not only in your area, but the future of its people.

"I have been in politics for 20 years and it is wonderful to be able to talk to people who share a common vision.

"You live in a beautiful part of Queensland and Australia. All you need to do now is what I spoke about - it is not all about budgets.

"It is about everyone sharing goals and vision and having a passion for where they live. That's what makes this country the best in the land.

"I look forward to coming back and sharing some more warm hospitality and friendship, visiting a place I consider to be one of Australia's treasures.

"The community of the Bay Islands needs to be congratulated and I look forward to being an ambassador and sharing more of your vision.

"Again, thank you for the opportunity to speak on your home turf and a great T-shirt!"

- Kind Regards

Paul Pisasale

City of Ipswich