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Karragarra Picnic



The two community Picnic Shelters on Karragarra Island have finally been joined together.

The work was recently completed at the Foreshore Park facility, thanks to Cr Mark Edwards and a grant from Redland City Council.

The project was managed by the Karragarra Island Ratepayers and Residents Association with vice president Gary Berry managing the project with the building being carried out by Doug ?? and his team.

The extension was erected over five days, with Roley Moore keeping a running diary on the construction process.

The first day saw the the footings and joining slab formed up and poured.

Island volunteer painters were on hand to coat the timbers involved in the framework to be protected with two coats of mebau Stain.

Columns and roof trusses were next to be erected and, finally, the placement of the roof sheeting and ridge capping.

Right throughout the process, the building team and volunteers were exceedingly (even amazingly) well fed by Roley and volunteers from the residents group.

The meals provided were almost a la carte and it is a known fact that builder Doug and his 'tradies' were sorry to leave the job site.

The menu started out with ham and salad rolls and progressed over the five days to fully cooked breakfasts, outstanding corn beef rolls and, to finish up, a community sausage sizzle!

The joined shed is now a continuous 20 metre building under cover.

The contribution via Cr Mark Edwards and council of approximately $13,000 is one of the most productive investments council will ever make on the islands.

The community Picnic Shelter on Karragarra are probably the best used community facility on any of our islands, such is the contribution, effort and commitment by the island residents to one another and the entire island community.

The regular Karragarra Island Ratepayers and Residents Association culinary events are among the most sought after events on the islands (we hope we still get an invitation!)