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The Zero Tolerance program that has been instigated on the Bay Islands by the Friendly Bay Islander in association with the Bay Islands Chamber of Commerce, is already having a positive affect.

Local schools have got right behind the program, and police report that there has been a fall in 'incidents', particularly on Russell Island.

Both the Macleay Island and Russell Island State Schools have got right behind the Zero Tolerance message - Bad Language and Bad Behaviour is Unacceptable on Our Islands!

This is the first in a series of messages that are being released in the program.

A spokesperson for the schools has told The Friendly Bay Islander that the message is having a 'positive affect' in the class room.

So much so, that we were asked by the Macleay Island State School to provide more posters for installation in all the classrooms.

"Children are taking notice and are going home with this positive message," the spokesperson said.

Russell Island Police Sergeant Graham Staib says there has been a 'noticeable' drop in 'incidents, particularly at the Russell Island Shopping Centre.

"We have noticed a drop in incidents, which is to be applauded.

"The program is a good one because it encourages the community to play a role in active policing and reporting," he told The Friendly Bay Islander.

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