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A major art extravaganza featuring art from the Bay Islands, will feature next year at the Redlands Artistic Arts Centre.

The Artistic Arts Centre is located at the Redlands premiere event facility, the Redlands Performing Arts Centre.

Cr Mark Edwards has come up with a concept that will literally be a major arts festival and celebration that will exclusively feature art and artistic endeavours from our Bay Islands.

He told The Friendly Bay Islander: "One of the areas in which the islands excel, is in the arts and in many different forms.

"Throughout the year there are many island exhibitions and celebrations of artistic works from our residents. The variety is amazing and the quality astounding."

Cr Mark Edwards believes it is time to showcase 'our collective island talents' beyond the islands and give mainland residents an insight into the artistic diversity of island living.

With this in mind, he has secured agreement from Redland City Council Manager Creative Arts, Mr Zane Trow, to hold an islands artistic exhibition at the Redlands Artistic Arts Centre (RPAC) next year.

Mr Trow is excited by the prospect.

He said: “I’d really like to see such a collection of works all over RPAC. We have exhibitions regularly in the Concert Hall foyer, and are expanding that to include other parts of the building.

"Now that we have our café up and running, and the regular markets, we have high visitation; the exposure for the Island Art extravaganza would be large," he said.

Cr Edwards believes the island art event will be a "fantastic opportunity to showcase our islands and build our image as a great place to live; particularly for a growing artistic community."

The councillor is calling for interested parties to contact him to form a small working group to co-ordinate the event and work with island artists and the Council.

No date for the exhibition has been set as this will be one of the roles of the working party.

Cr Edwards added: "Let’s not just limit ourselves to painting and pottery. This is an opportunity to showcase all forms of artistic endeavour and perhaps create a catalyst for people to visit and, eventually, to live on our islands."

If you are interested in being part of the working party, we are seeking representatives from all islands. Please email Councillor Edwards at

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