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• Many thanks to Bruce Greig for taking and sharing the photos.

Coochiemudlo resident Bruce Greig captured some amazing pictures of bird life on Coochie recently. He wasn't the only one to see the wonderful display. Our correspondent Ian Rowland reports: "I was doing my usual walk that takes me past Main Beach I noticed a strange phenomenon. As I came close to the beach, it seemed to be covered in black rocks with a large number of Pelicans gathered around them, which is unusual for Coochie, as we normally get maybe a dozen or so Pelicans visiting at a time. Then the rocks started to move and it became obvious I was looking at a flock of an estimated 600 to 1000 Black Cormorants (Shags) and about 150 Pelicans all happily gathered and chatting away among themselves. Brian Greig captured them brilliantly with his camera.It was a spectacular sight and one we will all remember!," Ian said.