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• Matthew Flinders makes his landing!

Flinder's Day on Coochiemudlo Island this year was another great day with visitors and local alike combining for the spectacular event. Clear skies and sparkling clear water greeted several hundred visitors from the mainland and other Bay Islands who made the short ferry ride to the island. They were also greeted by the local constabulary in hot pursuit of a couple of escaping colonial villains, much to the amusement of younger visitors. The island markets were well patronised before the grand parade of quirky vehicles, and some said even quirkier locals, down Coochie’s main street to the celebrations.The crowd followed the Redlands Drum Corp band and a large contingent of cadets and officers from TS Norfolk to historic Norfolk beach where the enactment took place when our 'Matthew Flinders' rowed ashore to re-enact the great navigator’s landing on the island on 19th July 1799. The Flinders landing re-enactment was the highlight of the day with Paul Maynagh in the primary role.

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