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If there is ever going to a bridge to the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, islanders will have the 'final say', and it will only happen if the State Government funds it.

This is the basis of a motion to Redland City Council by Division 5 Councillor Mark Edwards.

Cr Edwards put the motion to council to 'clear the air' in relation to recent debate initiated by State Member for Redlands, Peter Dowling.

Cr Edwards said the talk about a bridge again 'for the umpteenth time' deserved to be put to rest with a 'clear direction'.

"I put a motion to council that was in three parts, but all essentially linked.

"The motion calls for the State Government to consider a bridge from the mainland to Russell Island in their Infrastructure Plan which runs to 2026.

"Linked to this is that the State must consult the SMBI community to ensure that they want the bridge, or an alternate transport system. "The community and not the State should have the final voice in how they envision future transport options.

"Finally, the Council acknowledges that it is a State responsibility regarding any bridge approvals, the funding and the design," Cr Edwards told The Friendly Bay Islander.

The motion was carried 8 in favour, 3 against.

The councillor continued: "It is therefore Council policy to support the State to decide future transport options, including a bridge, to SMBI.

'This motion finally resolves any confusion about which level of government has the control over mainland to SMBI transport and provides our State Member, Peter Dowling, free and unfettered ability to discuss the matter with his government and deliver a future transport option for our islands. The matter is now wholly in State Government hands.

"I have advised several community groups that this has happened and, as yet, have had no feedback from the community," Cr Edwards advised.