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• Club president Barry Reid under the new covered deck area at Club Macleay

Club Macleay has had constructed an important addition to the outdoor deck area.

Club president Barry Reid said: "We always had the outdoor deck area overlooking the greens and the fantastic view to the north, but it wasn't adequately protected.

"The club decided some months ago that we should look to providing a protective roof to the area," he said.

In recent days a new insulated roof has been installed offering both weather and heat protection over the deck area.

"The deck is a popular spot at the club, but had some restrictions to its use on hot days and rainy days," the club president said.

With the insulated roof above, the deck can now be used in all weathers.

"It is a beautiful outlook and the covered area now provides protection that will make a huge difference to the club and to its membership.

"The foam filled insulated roof is both cooling and protective. Members can now use the area constantly," Barry Reid added.