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Major Moreton Bay ferry services are considering a trial ferry service to connect all the islands of Southern Moreton Bay linked to Redland City Council.

Following a request from The Friendly Bay Islander, approaches have been made to Stradbroke Ferries.

In expanding distribution of The Friendly Bay Islander to North Stradbroke one of the major questions we have been confronted with: "When and how can we go to North Stradbroke Island."

And conversely, we have been asked by many on North Stradbroke: "We have never been to the other islands. We would love to visit."

Not only has The Friendly Bay Islander put the question, but we have also posed the question and a survey on our website and Facebook pages.

In less than 24 hours we has more than 60 positive responses!

We believe any new service could incorporate North Stradbroke, Coochiemudlo, then across to Macleay, Karragarra, Macleay and Russell and return with a morning run and an afternoon 'return' run.

Dave Thomson of Transit Systems admitted his company was in 'the transport business'.

"We will look at any proposal and anything is possible."

He admitted it would 'help considerably' if there was some 'market information' that would support such a venture and investment.

"We are more than happy to look at a business case for such a service.

"We would need to get an indication of likely support and the frequency of such a service, and we would hope to entertain it," he said.

We suggested that a monthly, fortnightly, or weekly service would be desirable, depending on demand.

We also suggested that a 'trial service' might be established over a set period at one of the above frequencies - monthly, weekly, or fortnightly.

Many support the direct connection of all the islands in southern Moreton Bay.

Mayor Karen Williams told The Friendly Bay Islander it would be a 'natural progression'.

"I think the islands could learn from one another.

"And I am glad the bright, energetic Friendly Bay Islander has now included North Stradbroke in its circulation and new coverage areas.

"It can only progress the islands," the Mayor said.

Cr Mark Edwards of Divison 5 is also in favour of a direct island connection.

"The islands can learn much from one another particularly from areas such as the professional North Stradbroke sector."

If you would like to see a Direct North Stradbroke-Bay Island Ferry Service started, then TELL US!

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