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Donors were recognised at the recent Macleay Island Ambulance Committee annual meeting. Pictured are treasurer Cheyne Collingwood, Dorothy of the Crafty ladies, pressdent Sam Browne, Russel Hearps of the Macleay RSL, John Green and secretary Eve Uzzell.

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Local ambulance services are calling for a better house numbering system for our islands.

The Macleay Island Local Ambulance Committee has called for an improved and uniform numbering system.

That is because in the case of an emergency, finding the house numbers in any street is a 'lottery'.

President of the Macleay committee, Sam Browne, told the recent annual meeting that the poor numbering system on island houses 'could cost lives'.

"On too many occasions our first responders and ambulance crews spend valuable time trying to identify house numbers.

"And that is because the numbering on homes is not regulated and it is up to the resident to place numbers on their homes.

"They come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes there are no numbers at all, particularly on some rental properties," Sam Browne said.

The ambulance committee president is backed up by many other services, including SES and police.

And the problem exists on all the habitable islands of Moreton Bay.

The ambulance committee would like to see it regulation that a standard, fluorescent sign be adopted for ALL island homes.

"If we can't find your house, then we can't help you.

"And, in many cases, it can be a life-threatening situation where every second saved, can determine the eventual outcome of the patient," the ambulance committee president said.

Division 5 Redland City Councillor Mark Edwards said he supported any move to make it easier for emergency and ambulance services on our islands.

"We are remote communities, so time saved here on the islands, is invaluable in any situation.

"I have had other services state a similar case for improved island house numbering."

The councillor said he would look to what council could do to improve the numbering of houses on the islands.

Emergency services recommend that home owners should use reflective house numbers at least 75mm high with a colour combination that provides strong contrast between the number and its background.

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