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Lang Walker, is Chairman of the Walker Corporation, the organisation that has won the rights for the development of Weinam Creek and Toondah Harbour. He is our Q and A guest.

Q1: What does the signing of the contract with the Walker Group mean for Weinam Creek and Toondah Harbour?

A1: Walker Corporation, has been selected as preferred development partner with the Queensland Government and Redland City Council for the transformation of this prime Moreton Bay waterfront land. The memorandum of understanding provides for Walker to work exclusively with the council and Queensland Government for the development of 67 hectares of land at Toondah Harbour and 42 hectares at Weinman Creek – South East Queensland’s first bayside development opportunity in 20 years. The prime waterfront land holdings are subject to a Priority Development Area (PDA) in the Redland City Council region, with expectations that the land will be developed for high quality bay-side communities, featuring housing, commercial and retail, as well as marinas.

Q2: Is the contract an exploration of intent, or a contract that will see the developments become a reality?

A2: It is a Memorandum of Understanding, signed by Walker Corporation, The Queensland Government and the City of Redland, the intent is to secure a development agreement to facilitate the delivery of the two bay-side communities contemplated under the PDA.

Q3: In monetary terms, what sort of investment are we talking about here?

A3: It is a major investment for the development of this prime waterfront land, which are gateways to the iconic Moreton Bay, with the provision of state of the art housing, infrastructure and expanded parking facilities for residents and businesses in the area. The two priority development areas are currently under-utilised and the revitalisation process will create vibrant and sustainable spaces for both tourists and locals.

Q4: What criteria have the Walker Group been provided with by the State Government and Council?

A4: We went through a rigorous screening process in preparation of our successful Expression of Interest, covering financial credentials and track record in these types of projects. Walker Corporation has delivered many of Australia’s most successful waterfront communities, including Hope Island Resort in Queensland, The Wharf at Woolloomooloo, King Street Wharf and Rhodes Waterside in Sydney, as well as the development of 25,000 dwellings at Senibong Cove in Malaysia. All of these projects have delivered important benefits for local residents and the tourism industry. Walker Corporation is currently developing about $3 billion worth of residential, commercial and industrial projects across Queensland, including projects in Milton, Fortitude Valley, Ipswich, Gladstone and Petrie, a sign of the group’s confidence in the future growth of the state.

Q5: We know parking is an issue at both locations, what considerations will be made to ensure adequate parking for island residents?

A5:There will be expanded parking facilities for both residents and tourists. It will continue to entail free and paid parking spaces.

Q6: There are some who only see the negative, particularly in relation to parking. Have we any reason to be concerned about future island parking requirements at Weinam Creek or Toondah Harbour?

A6: There is no reason to be concerned about future parking arrangements at either location. There will be expanded parking facilities.

Q7: Is there any stipulation to the Walker Group in what form mainland car parking will take?

A7: Walker will investigate a number of innovative and sustainable solutions to the provision of mainland car parking as well as provision of services in the local community and the better integration of water and land based transport systems. The provision of car parking, transport and other structural elements of the bay-side communities are addressed in the PDA scheme under which Walker’s proposals will be assessed.

Q8: Is there a time line at all with the planning and any future construction of these PDA sites in the Redlands?

A8: There is a timeline in which we will supply the council with a development plan in November for review.

Q9: Just what will Weinam Creek and Toondah Harbour development mean for the islands of Moreton Bay that are linked to Redland City Council?

Q9: It is great news for the islands as it will make the whole Moreton Bay area more attractive for both residents and visitors, while being an economic driver for the Queensland economy.

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