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The landscape for two of our local politicians is dramatically different at the present time.

Redland City Councillor Cr Mark Edwards and State Member of Parliament for the seat of Redlands, Peter Dowling, have two different tales to tell.

The most controversial is the position of Peter Dowling.

After fighting off a personal scandal, the Member for Redlands won over his party members in Parliament, only to be rejected by his local branch.

You need both endorsements to represent at an election and, as a result, Mr Dowling has given up the fight.

He will not seek to contest the State election due by the middle of next year. His future is uncertain.

Peter Dowling lost the Redlands branch of the Liberal National Party by only a few votes and, conceivably, could have attempted to win over the votes required for the subsequent presentation, but decided to 'fall on his sword'.

The reason why he was supported by the party hierarchy was because of the huge majority he held in the seat of Redlands.

That was not good enough for local party members, it seems.

The rejection by the local branch creates a quandary for the LNP.

In a short space of time they will have to select a new candidate capable of holding the majority of the massive 21 per cent that Peter Dowling held.

The decision, some observers believe, opens the door for the Labor candidate for the seat of Redlands, Deborah Kellie.

Peter Dowling has taken his position manfully and he was an effective State Member of Parliament, with Deputy Premiere Jeff Seeney, in kinder days, applauding his dogged determination for anything Redlands.

His major achievements were undoubtedly his untiring support and pressure for Weinam Creek and Toondah Harbour to be declared Priority Development Areas by the State Government, and the other was achieving Translink services for the Bay Islands passenger ferry operations.

Cr Edwards, on the other hand, has been quietly been beavering away going from success to success.

In many instances working behind the scenes he is making a change for the better for our islands, convincing sometimes non-supporting councillors to support projects, particularly for the Bay Islands.

His goal has been to change regulation and decision making in relation to the SMB Islands.

An example is the new cost saving and fast road sealing method.

If the trial is deemed a success, we can look forward to all island roads being sealed in a quick and easy way using the double-seal 'green' road method, at a huge cost saving allowing for more road sealing outcomes.

Different outcomes indeed!

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