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• Barry Parantoine in front of Foodworks Macleay Island.

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Popular Macleay Island businessman Barry Paranthoine is calling it quits as the owner of the Foodworks Supermarket.

Barry has sold his business to Neha Shah, who has invested in island real estate and the island supermarket industry.

The purchase of the Foodworks business and the real estate involved, is her second major island purchase.

She recently took over the Spar Supermarket and accompanying real estate in the first of her surprise island purchases.

For Barry Paranthoine, it is a rather surprise end to a popular supermarket journey.

"I came to Macleay Island 18 years ago when the island was a vastly different place.

"Back then, water had only just been connected to the island and the business was then the only retail outlet on Macleay," he told The Friendly Bay Islander.

"The business grew rapidly and, really, got out of control for a period.

"At one stage I was employing over 30 people and there were long line-ups to be served."

Competition saw a levelling off from the previous chaos, but still the business continued to grow.

"I then made it my objective to completely change the business by way of a redevelopment."

Barry admits it took literally 'years'.

"It was a long, drawn-out process, and we still didn't get to undertake the redevelopment which would have more than doubled the size of the supermarket.

"Processes and other issues got in the way and then, along came this offer.

"I decided to take the offer and head my life in a new direction, and I leave it to others to take the business in any new directions, if that is what the new owners choose to do," he said.

Barry says his greatest disappointment was not finishing the redevelopment of the High Central Road Foodworks site.

"I have loved it here and the business, and being part of the Island community.

"I have enjoyed meeting and making friends with many locals over the years, and I sincerely thank them for their long support.

"I also wish to thank the team of loyal workers who have been with me. They have been fantastic."

So what next for Barry Paranthoine.

Certainly there will be some cycling in his future. Barry has a love of the sport that is hard to match.

He recently returned from a cycle tour in Italy, and he is keen to repeat the dose next year.

"I am not sure what I will do, but I am sure I will find something.

"I have a few ideas, and I may even look at a yachting future (Barry lived on a yacht for several years before coming to Macleay Island).

Barry doesn't intend leaving the islands, although you never know what the future may bring.

"It is definitely a bit scary and definitely exciting at the same time," he said.

Islanders will wish Barry Paranthoine well and The Friendly Bay Islander hopes he enjoys the next chapter in his life!