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• Lynda Hill with her 'best friend' the Honda 750 Shadow. She parks it in her Russell Island home dining room!

Russell Island resident of 10 years, Lynda Hill, had a life-changing moment four years ago.

The former Law Clerk and Island JP was inspired by a divorce.

She calls it a 'Bucket List' revelation.

She purchased a Honda 750 motor bike!

Having never ridden a bike before, it was a huge call given the size and weight of the machine and Lynda is of slight build. Oh, and she admits to her age of being in the 'very early 60's!

Her dream was to visit her 83-year-old mother, who lives in Perth, WA, and she wanted to ride her bike there and back.

Fortunately, she didn't rush into it.

"I learned how to handle the bike over time before I decided to head off. There were several trips throughout Queensland.

It took three years of practice, but in April this year she left her Russell Island home aboard the monster Shadow, and off she went.

Heading out via the Newell Highway and Moree, and then via the Barrier Highway and Broken Hill, Cobar and Wilcannia, Lynda got to Port Augusta and then it was across the Nullarbor Plain and then to Perth.

The trip out took seven days and 4200km. The return was a little longer for a total length of 8600km.

What was so impressive about her trip, Lynda did the 'hard' way.

"I took a small tent and I pitched it anywhere I could for the entire journey," a brave Lynda said.

"Where I couldn't find a suitable camp site I inquired at a local pub or roadhouse and asked if there was anywhere I could pitch my tent. The people I met were extremely friendly and accommodating."

For Lynda she was heading for her almost home town. After her family had migrated from the UK when she was a child they settled south of Perth; she was heading back to spend a month with her mother.

After a lovely time with her mum, Lynda started the return journey.

This time she wanted to see more of the scenery so headed south in May via Albany and Esperance with the highlight the Great Australian Bight.

The return journey took nine days and it involved eight hours each day in the saddle on the bike.

You would think there would be disasters and difficulties, but not so for Lynda.

She planned well, had the right equipment and the best preparation.

"The bike went well and I just blew a headlight fuse which was easily fixed.

"The only other problem was bad weather at Ceduna. It was the only place where I stayed in paid accommodation during the whole trip."

Lynda was so chuffed with her efforts, she plans to return to Perth next year in the same manner (on her bike) to again visit her mum.

"Next time I am going over the top of Australia.

"I will also plan it so it fits in with the best weather systems (returning in May was a little cold for Lynda in the south of the continent).

Lynda is so attached to her Honda Shadow that there is no garage or outdoor parking for this beautiful beast.

Her parking spot for the big bike is the lounge room of her Russell Island home!

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