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A review by Redland City Council of electoral boundaries could see considerable changes and less representatives around the council table.

Redland City Council has already resolved that Division 5, which covers the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, needs to be realigned because it is the biggest electorate of the current 10 divisions.

Many island residents hold hope that consideration will be made for all the islands attached to Redland City Council (including North Stradbroke), to be in one clear island division.

This is because of the distinct similarities and requirements of the island communities, as opposed to the mainland.

Cr Edwards told The Friendly Bay Islander: "Council acknowledges that Division 5 has the greatest number of enrolled voters and, as such, the boundary will need to be altered.

"It is also possible the review could recommend to reduce the number of councillors."

Cr Edwards said if a reduction in councillors was passed by council then the boundary for Division 5 could actually increase and take in more mainland residents.

The review of divisional boundaries currently underway will be presented to council in early 2015.

The boundary changes will apply to the 2016 Redland City Council Local Government election.



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