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LNP Endorses Matt McEachan for the Seat of Redlands

The LNP has preselected Matt McEachan as their candidate for the controversial seat of Redlands.

This follows the demise of out-going LNP member, Peter Dowling.

Peter Dowling, well known to Bay Islanders, had been involved in a major personal embarrassment following revelations earlier in the year.

He almost survived the politically-ending incident when he did receive re-election endorsement from his LNP colleagues.

However, he did not survive pre-selection from members of the Redlands LNP local branch. He was recently rejected by the branch, in a strong rebuff to the ruling party. It was not the only rebuff from party rank and file members.

At that time, Peter Dowling said he would not re-contest the pre-selection (he could have) and decided to leave the political arena.

The party last week pre-selected Matt McEachan, a senior adviser to the office of Premier Campbell Newman, as the its new candidate for Redlands.

Mr McEachan has also worked for LNP federal MP Andrew Laming.

Clearly highly thought of by the LNP hierarchy, he was among the staffers Mr Newman personally thanked at the time of the election acceptance speech.

Mr McEachan said he was "delighted and humbled" to represent the LNP in the seat of Redlands.

"I am passionate about the beautiful Bayside area and will be engaging the people of Redlands about my plan for the future," he said.

The next Queensland State election is due before June 2015.

The Labor Party has endorsed Redlands barrister Deb Kellie as its candidate for the Redlands. Mr Dowling had held the seat with a massive margin of 21 per cent.

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