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• Supermarket owner Neah Shah with manager Andy Dhillon.

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The combined buying power of two island supermarkets will bring more savings to island shoppers, says new owner Neha Shah.

Neha has turned the island supermarket sector on its head with the recent purchases of both the Spar and Foodworks Supermarkets.

Not only did she purchase the businesses, but the real estate as well.

"We have made a serious commitment to Macleay Island," she told The Friendly Bay Islander.

"We will be making some progressive changes along the way and will be structuring our pricing to make sure that Macleay Islanders get the best possible prices for their supermarket purchases."

Some changes have already been introduced with the Spar supermarket already having new flooring and lighting installed.

Both premises have been completed power gurnied and thoroughly 'spring' cleaned.

"We are working on our shelf pricing to give value for money.

"We are proud that we are already offering more than 1000 shelf specials at Spar and more than 800 at Five Star. The goal is to reach lower prices on 3000 shelf products at both supermarkets," the supermarket owner said.

At the Five Star Macleay Island supermarket on High Central Road, the fuel price at the pump has also been dropped by 5c a litre.

Neha asked that islanders have a 'little patience' with the changeovers occurring.

"It takes time to put into place everything what we want to do. We hope people will realise that," she said.

"We are here for the long run, and our decision to also purchase the island properties as well as the businesses, I believe is an indication of our commitment.

"We want to be locals and receive local support and encouragement," she said.

The supermarket owner added: "We are here to make both our staff and customers happy and to run a successful business.

"All these things take both hard work and commitment from everyone concerned," Neha Shah added.



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