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• New principal Janet Tucker with senior students at Russell Island State School.

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The new head teacher of the Russell Island State School, Janet Tucker, brings a wealth of experience to her position.

And she believes that experience will work in favour of the children, the school and the Russell Island community.

"I am about moving things forward, and I have a desire to make things better for our children.

"There are several ways of going about new directions and it can by having ownership of what we want for the school.

"It is also about having dedicated staff, and I know I have that in place here on Russell Island," the Principal told The Friendly Bay Islander.

Janet Tucker certainly has the varied background to make a success of her island posting.

She has been a teacher since 1978 and has worked in both the private and State education sectors and at both primary and secondary levels.

Not only that, she has been a lecturer at Griffith University and has also worked in private industry.

"You could say I enjoy a challenge," she said.

She has so far been impressed with the Russell Island school, the staff and the children.

"My specialities and experience involve a strong curriculum and supporting teachers.

"I will bring a different approach and I want to help provide a sense of the values here at the Russell Island State School and what they represent.

"It will be a voyage of discovery for us all, I hope."

Janet Tucker says the overall objective is to make life better for the children and give them goals and options for their future.

She hopes to introduce some fun and interactive new directions that will see the children of the Russell Island State School become involved in setting standards, developing a school motto and perhaps developing a school song.

The new school principal hopes to become a full part of the island community and intends living on Russell Island.



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