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• Member for Redlands Peter Dowling and Police Minister Jack Dempsey with the Island Zero Tolerance messages!

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Queensland Minister for Police and Community Safety, the Hon Jack Dempsey, has fully endorsed the Bay Island Zero Tolerance program.

The program has been developed by The Friendly Bay Islander and is about raising island standards.

"It is wonderful to see a community get behind something like this.

"I applaud the Friendly Bay Islander and the island business community for getting behind this program.

"Getting the community to act as a whole is definitely something I support.

"I note the program is about improving community behavioural standards and is also against Domestic Violence.

"These are areas where the Newman Government has recently enacted some new policies.

"There is no excuse for bad behaviour and domestic violence in Queensland.

"We need to stamp it out, and a community education program such as you have developed, is a wonderful initiative.

"I congratulate you and the Bay Islands community for getting behind the concept and other communities could follow your lead," Minister Dempsey said.

The Minister also commented about police numbers on our islands.

We asked if it were possible to lift the numbers of police on not only Russell and Macleay Islands, but also have a police presence, particularly on Lamb Island.

He said that the placement of police was made by the Police Commissioner, but he would be happy to support calls for additional police, if required.

He said overtures for a change in police placement should be directed to the Queensland Police Commissioner.



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