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• Fay Lindsay holding up the damaged image with the shredded cover above.

Fay Lindsay is upset and disappointed following an attack on her Balinese Hut at the Emerald Isle Shopping Village.

Fay runs Our Place on Macleay and is a popular island business operator.

Her coffee shoppe is a well supported destination for those who enjoy good food and coffee, particularly at the northern end of Macleay Island.

One of Fay's innovations was to make use of the lovely setting at Emerald Isle.

She had a Balinese hut constructed by tiling husband Ian, so clients could enjoy her food and drink in the attractive garden surroundings.

The hut is built from a steel frame and has a waterproof material cover.

Inside the hut there is a lovely and calming Balinese setting with a Buddha style image to denote peace and harmony.

Unfortunately, just prior to the New Year, some individuals decided to destroy the hut.

The Buddha image was broken and the waterproof cover was slashed.

"I don't know who did this.

"All I know is that it was a despicable thing to do.

"Obviously it was a group passing by who thought they would have 'fun' by destroying property and causing wilful damage," a disappointed and upset Fay Lindsay said.

The matter has been reported to Macleay Island Police.

What the offenders do not know is that Emerald Isle has security cameras installed and police are currently examining the footage.

In the meantime, Fay and Ian Lindsay are having the damage repaired.