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The year ahead on Russell could be an exciting one. Work has started on the footpath that will eventually extend to the end of the island and will be close to 8km in length. The first section from the ferry to the shopping centre has been completed, and already it is making a difference. Work will start soon on the resilience centre at the new Union Street sporting fields. This multi-purpose facility will have many uses and purposes and offers huge potential for growth in visitation and island sport. Watch for more changes at the Russell Island Shopping Centre, too. Home building is growing apace, which augers well for the building industry and island employment. Don't be surprised if a Work for the Dole scheme is introduced later in the year on the island. We shall watch with interest.


The Supa IGA Community Day is on again, this time on Saturday, February 28, at the Russell Island Shopping Centre. Community Groups from all the islands are invited to participate. Again it is being run by The Friendly Bay Islander. This will be the fourth year of the popular event, which does so much for community organisations. The event allows groups and organisations to 'fly the flag', to recruit and to raise funds. If you wish to know more, read the story on the Supa IGA page in this edition. You can email a booking or contact The Friendly Bay Islander via our website ( or email a booking to:


Ian Larkman made sure he was the 'first' to purchase a lottery ticket from the new Gold Lotto agency on the island. Russell Island Pharmacy chemist Don Frost has a fantastic new addition and look to his bigger pharmacy at the Russell Island Shopping Centre. The new fit-out is brilliant and it is a huge compliment to the shopping centre and to the residents of Russell Island. All we need now is for someone to win one of the 'big lotteries' from a ticket purchase at the new Gold Lotto agency.

Get in and get a ticket now!


Keep a watch out at the Russell Island Pharmacy! Don and Sandra will be having their heads shaved, all in the name of charity fund raising in the coming weeks. Could be a bit scary!! We will be there to take pictures of the shearing process.


A new smaller shop space may soon be available at the Russell Island Shopping Centre. Recent changes and additions to the centre have had a positive business effect, and the owners have the opportunity to add further to the success of the centre. If you have a businesses concept that could fit into a smaller area in a prime position at the Russell Island Shopping Centre, then contact Canaipa Developments on 0418 656 301.


The Russell Island RSL Club is on the lookout for new caterers. The Billy's Bistro catering contract is now available. The club wants to take the dining in a new direction, and the opportunity to now do so, is opportune. The club wants a seven-day operation and is looking for professional caterers or chefs to apply. "We want a new direction and great island food," said club president Anthony Gleeson. You will see an advertisement in this edition of The Friendly Bay Islander on the classified page.


Canaipa Nursery is going from strength to strength. The very progressive Jacqui Torbet has turned the business into a wonderful island haven. Now serving coffee, she is heading in new directions offering VISITOR INFORMATION to a growing tourism industry. "We are only a few metres up from the ferry and are in an ideal location. New signs are being produced offering Tourism and Visitor Information. Visitors can enjoy a lovely cup of coffee at the same time," Jacqui told Russell Roundup. Congratulations Jacquie on a very positive initiative.


Three island residents have been putting up brave fights in the face of extreme adversity. One of Russell Island's icons FJ (Ron) Goodhew put up the good fight but succumbed in December when he passed away. Ron will be remembered as a stalwart and former president of the Russell Island Bowls Club. Ray Berry has spent four weeks in the Wesley Hospital with asthma and heart problems. Also in Wesley is our brave fighter Dianne Little. Dianne' story has been well documented in The Friendly Bay Islander. She has contributed so much to island life and the arts. Dianne recently suffered a stroke which has affected the left side of her body. Dianne is now undergoing intensive rehabilitation whilst fighting debilitating cancer.


The people's choice awards were popular at the recent Bay Island Art and Craft Expo at the Russell Island Recreation Centre. Thelma Bennett's The Old Man topped the award from Wendy Dann's Tropical Splendor and three-way tie for third. There were 10 raffle prizes drawn with various prizes donated by the Tourist Birds, Bay Snippers, Russell Island Pharmacy, Rod's Art Studio, Binary Music, Wahine Ceramics, Peter Dowling, Mark Edwards and Mathilda Noending. The event was run under the auspices of Bay Islands Community Services.

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