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• Some of the big group of SES volunteers on the foreshore at Macleay Island.

SES volunteers from all over the Redlands recently came to the Bay Islands to be 'educated'.

More than 40 volunteers were brought to the SMB Islands to be 'familiarised'.

An SES spokesperson said the exercise was about education.

"During the time of a crisis such as the floods and damage of a couple of years ago, volunteers from all over the Redlands are required to assist.

"It was decided to hold a familiarisation day for the current crop of mainland SES workers."

They joined up with island SES teams and were taken to all four islands.

"They were shown all the main facilities and key island amenities," the spokesperson said.

The day started out on Macleay Island, with smaller groups then heading for Lamb and Karragarra Islands.

The day concluded with a tour of Russell Island and a BBQ event.

The visiting group included trainers and trainees and three flood boats were also brought to the islands to ferry the volunteers. Island ferries were also used.

The exercise was rated an 'outstanding success' by all involved.



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