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• Observation area on the Whistling Kite Trai

With funds from Jupiters, Bay Island’s Conservation Inc. has been able to reach another milestone in making Russell Island wetlands more accessible to islanders and visitors alike.

The Whistling Kite wetlands walking trails are in the final stage of completion.

Three large and four small signs have been installed. One large sign at the High Street entrance to the trails; another one at the Centre Road entrance; and the third one at the observation area inside Whistling Kite.

The signs at the trail entrances give visitors an idea of where and how long the trails are. The small signs along the trails inside Whistling Kite have cartoon-like animal characters by a local artist with both the Quandamooka and common name.

The major part of the funding was used for the construction work by Redland City Council, including table and benches at the observation area.

Two members of BICI, Sean and Roux, installed the signs. All Images made the signs, Jenni Corbett is the artist behind the cartoon-like characters on the signs and Jeanette Adams and Boyd Essex from Indigiscapes (RCC) helped with the layout and design.

Bryan Atkin project managed for BICI, including providing the mapping data for the signs.

The Quandamooka Corporation gave their support and provided the trail names for the signs.

A big thank you for you all and for everyone who has helped/supported BICI. A special thank you for our Cr, Mark Edwards, who has supported Bay Islands Conservation Inc. from the beginning in BICI’s vision of one day having interconnecting trails in all the wetlands on Russell Island.



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