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Real estate agents are in the firing line of Karragarra Island residents.

A recent incident on the island has highlighted the issue of poor rental outcomes for Karragarra and all other Southern Moreton Bay islands.

The Karragarra residents will seek to get all island real estate agents to become signatories to a charter of quality control.

"We are sick of being taken for granted by some real estate agents," says island resident Gary Berry.

"We have had a recent incident here on Karra that has proved to be a nightmare to all, with many living in fear.

"A known drug dealer has bragged of his connections and has threatened bashing and visits by his 'bikie friends' "

Another island resident, John Pole, has said he has been confronted by the recent arrival who was placed into a Karragarra Island rental by LJ Hooker on Macleay Island.

"I was threatened and so have neighbours," John Pole said.

An approach to LJ Hooker Macleay Island resulted in some positive action.

Gary Berry said: "We contacted the property owner, who was stunned that his property was being rented out to such a individual. He has requested LJ Hooker to have the person removed."

LJ Hooker have used the Queensland Tenancy Act to bring about the eventual removal of the unruly tenant.

Concerned Karragarra residents approached LJ Hooker on Macleay Island and presented a formidable case for the Queensland Tenancy Act to be implemented.

The Queensland Tenancy Act 2008 (page 191) states:

290A Notice to leave because of serious breach

(1) The lessor may give a notice to leave the premises to the tenant if the lessor reasonably believes the tenant, an occupant, a guest of the tenant or a person allowed on the premises by the tenant has—

(a) used the premises or any property adjoining or adjacent to the premises (including any property that is available for use by the tenant in common with others) for an illegal activity; or

(b) intentionally or recklessly—

(i) destroyed or seriously damaged a part of the premises; or

(ii) endangered another person in the premises or a person occupying, or allowed on, premises nearby; or

(iii) interfered significantly with the reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of another tenant or another tenant’s appropriate use of the other tenant’s premises.

(2) A notice to leave under this section is called a notice to leave for serious breach.

(3) A lessor may form a reasonable belief that premises or property has been used for an illegal activity whether or not anyone has been convicted or found guilty of an offence in relation to the activity.

In approaching LJ Hooker, the Karragarra residents received support in the implementation of the Act.

Gary Berry said: "We asked the rental people if they would have placed the particular person next to their home address.

"The answer we received was an emphatic 'no'.

"We made the point, well don't allow them to move into properties on our islands," he said.

The Karragarra residents will be working with the other islands on a Charter or Memorandum of Quality Rental Control.

It is believed it will soon be ready to be submitted to island Real Estate offices.

"We would expect unified co-operation," Gary Berry added.


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