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• Cr Mark Edwards on the exact location of the new boat ramp on the Macleay foreshore.

Macleay Island is to have three access ramps in the new work program that will commence this year as part of Redland City Council's foreshore transformation.

Redland City Council late last year approved a proposal for a new car park area and new boat ramp to the high water mark on the foreshore at a cost of an estimated $6 million.

Council resolved last year to proceed with the foreshore project to the ‘Mean High Water Springs’ (MHWS).

The land reclamation, capping to entomb the asbestos and building a car park is being totally funded by Redland City Council as there are no State or Federal funds available for the high water mark proposal agreed to by council.

Some State funding has been earmarked to assist with the construction of a boat ramp, which needs to be built as a first stage of the construction.

The final cost for this project won’t be known until the project has been tendered, however ,it will be one of council's most expensive current capital works programs.

The project is on track with the highly technical final engineering design work scheduled to be completed in the next two months.

Once this final engineering design work has been completed the State agency approvals will be sought to enable the project to be put out for tender.

Many residents noticed soil testing around the foreshore in January, which is part of this engineering design work. Construction will commence during the 15/16 financial year. Exact start dates can’t be determined until the permits are secured and the tender has been awarded.

However, in recent days, council has decided to go a step further as a result of repair works that were to be carried out on the existing barge ramp on the foreshore that has been used by both barges and island boats.

"The existing boat ramp requires significant repairs to cater for the weight of a large loaded barge, and council officers have advised that it is more economical to build a new barge ramp into deeper water adjacent to this original structure," Cr Mark Edwards told The Friendly Bay Islander.

"That means there will be two boat ramps in this location - a new one into deeper water for barge operations, and the old, revamped ramp for domestic use.

"The third ramp in the area will be the totally new structure on the opposite side of the Macleay jetty that is part of the larger foreshore project," Cr Edwards said.

He added: "Macleay Island residents, visitors and boaties should be delighted with the additional access ramps."

Now that a realignment of the existing barge has been decided, the next step is for Council to prepare the documentation for tender.

Once a tender has been awarded, construction will then commence as soon as possible after the permits are issued.

It is most likely the work will take place within the next three to four months if there are no unforeseen delays.



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