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• Chris Semple in action on a stand up paddle board

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Chris Semple is a dyed in the wool, genuine, true blue, definite Straddie local.

He was born, educated and became a businessman on the island, so he reckons he has a fair idea of what the island needs, particularly when it comes to fun activities and new directions.

Chris, who already operates a handyman business on North Stradbroke Island, has recently started a new venture.

Straddie Stand Up Paddle is a new business that is bringing the growing and very fun stand up paddle boards to the islands. Similar businesses are already popular on the coast, particularly in the major tourism areas of the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

Chris started Stand Up and Paddle only a few weeks ago, and already the business is showing strong signs of future growth.

"The good thing about this is that it can be run and operated on still or open water, no matter the weather.

"There is always a destination we can operate from. It is basically near weather proof," Chris told The Friendly Bay Islander.

Because of the water variety on the island, Straddie Stand Up Paddle can make use of all major destinations and waterways including Point Lookout, Amity and Dunwich waterways, and others as well, if necessary.

Chris is a Certified Instructor for flat and exposed waters and he has plans for future growth offering lessons as well as leisure fun.

"I hope to tap into visiting groups, too, particularly the schools when they come on school excursions," he added.

Stand Up and Paddle has 15 boards of various sizes from child to adult.

They are the new style standing boards with the ability for standing and kneeling performance.

"They are a lot of fun and a different way to experience what our Straddie waters have to offer," Chris Semple added.

He provides lessons and rides for families, groups, hens, bucks, corporate and wave riding.

Find out more at

• Family group paddle board fun!

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or email

You can also find Chris on Facebook or phone 0400791839



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