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Bob Turner's Vision for a New Island Foreshore

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• Bob Turner with his spectacular Russell waterfront painting.

Russell Island artist and designer, Bob Turner, is a bit of a visionary.

He believes our islands offer huge potential for tourism and the construction industry.

But not without a vision and concepts.

There have been overtures of late from Cr Mark Edwards to seek funding for visitor mooring facilities on all our islands.

Bob Turner has taken it a bit further with a vision of a waterfront in the not too distant future on our islands.

"Macleay Island is soon to have some foreshore work carried out which, I believe, is going to include an attractive beach for mooring and family fun.

"As a resident of Russell Island, I decided to give some vision to the future with a painting of how our foreshore could look," he told The Friendly Bay Islander.

The result was this magnificent painting that Bob recently entered in the recent inaugural Russell Island Arts and Crafts Expo.

"Whilst it is my vision, I also feel something like this could be reality.

"There are some positive things happening on our islands and we deserve first class facilities, including resorts, to make us appealing to future visitors and new residents," Bob said.

Bob Turner is a driving force behind the Sandy Beach Kayak and Yacht Club and lives in a spectacular cottage adjacent adjacent Kennedy Park, where he gains his waterfront inspiration.

He said he was 'hopeful' that his concept design for the Russell waterfront will become a reality 'sooner rather than later'.




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