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• The Poster Page that appeared in the February edition.

Island businesses believe there are some solid reasons why more islanders should support them.

A full page was placed in the February edition of the Friendly Bay Islander explaining strong reasons why local island business deserves more support.

The advertisement offered a number of valid reasons why there should be more spending on the islands, rather than the mainland.

Some of the arguments included:

• Nearly every dollar spent on the islands, stays on the islands

• More island employment opportunities

• Business buying power improves from stronger support

• Consideration of costs involved to buy on the mainland such as ferry fees x2 or x4, motor vehicle collection or transport required, inconvenience of heavy personal haulage

• The convenience and service from Friendly Island Shopping

On his Russell Island Post Office page, Anthony Gleeson makes the point: "What many people do not realise is that the Russell Island Post Office offers the most competitive pricing in Australia.

"We certainly better the major Australia Post Offices in the major centres because of our lower overheads.

"But unlike many in business, instead of claiming more profit, we pass the savings to our island customers, making us perhaps the most competitive Post Office in the country," Anthony Gleeson said.

He receive strong support from George Economous of Pharmacy Essentials on Macleay Island.

"I think it would be useful if more people gave consideration to where they purchase their goods.

"We have the buying power of a major group and offer the same discounts here that are available on the mainland," the pharmacist said.

George Economous said essentials such as Sorbet toilet rolls 8 pack for just $3.99 and facial tissues at $1.99 along with Paracetemol from just $1.49 were 'hard to beat'.

"The cost of going to the mainland are additional costs that some people fail to consider. I hope they do now," he added.

Michelle Ward from Auto Marine on Macleay Island agrees.

"I believe the prices we have here are equal to anywhere. And we do our best to ensure we carry just about everything islanders will ever need, particularly in an emergency.

"We hope more and more people come and visit and discover just what we have here," she added.

Jacqui Torbet of Canaipa Nursery says she works 'really hard' to ensure that she not only gets the best plants for her customers, but the prices are competitive, too.

"I know my prices are better than most of the outlets on the mainland and people can purchase here with confidence," she said.

Jim Campbell of Straddie Super Sports says the obvious benefactor from support for island business is island employment.

"Our island needs every job it has at the moment and more. This can only come from more support for island businesses.

"We work very hard to give locals and visitors what they want, and helping with information that is also important," he added.