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• Mayor Karen Williams supporting the island Zero Tolerance program

It seems some island residents have 'had enough'.

Following our story last month about the residents of Karragarra Island threatening action against island real estate agents for placing people into island homes who cause mayhem and break the law, the reaction has been significant.

It seems there is a movement afoot that wants to 'fight back'.

The story in the February edition outlined the issue on Karragarra where a disruptive resident was making life 'hell' for neighbours and residents.

Karra residents pointed the 'bone' at some island real estate agents, declaring that boycotting their agencies might be an option.

They stated that some island estate agents often took the 'easy option' and rented island rental properties to people who are deliberately chasing 'cheap rentals' and often have a criminal and disruptive history.

One resident stated: "We have had enough. Don't real estate agents realise they are devaluing island real estate values and are hurting their own industry and their own future incomes."

Macleay Island police officers Sergeant Ben Suckling and Senior Constable John Levi added to the argument when they revealed that 'domestic violence is on the increase and there are issues with drugs and other crime'.

They revealed that in the past 12 months, they have carried out 200 arrests (four a week) and have attended more than 100 domestic violence incidents.

And most significantly they also have put into place a partnership with Macleay Real Estate agents to identify and move from the island some troublesome individuals and families.

"The people we have charged and have moved off the island are not necessarily returning to the island, based on certain conditions of their arrest," the police team told The Friendly Bay Islander.

The net result is that in the past three months, more than 30 rental agreements have been terminated and people moved off the island.

They have implemented their own zero tolerance strategy that is definitely working and giving a lead to the other islands.

It is also a compliment to The Friendly Bay Islander's Zero Tolerance program.

Clearly island residents like what they see.

These are some of the comments that have been sent to us via either letters to the editor or via our Facebook and website pages:

Laurie said: "This is brilliant. Thank you Karra people. I don't know how to give my total support but if there is a way, please let me know. I would love to see a number of people move elsewhere."

And Deb: "Well done. Perhaps the same can be done with the agents on Russell. I am sure a lot of landlords would be shocked at the calibre of some people placed in their homes."

Jan says: "And so, hopefully, the clean-up begins."

Alison says: "This is a fantastic idea. Great to see people taking action. I have always been lucky with my neighbours but appreciate what a nightmare this could be."

Jack added: "Macleay needs to do the same."

And Brad: "And Russell."

And Clem: "And Lamb."

Tania said: "As long as the police do their homework and get the right people, I am all for it."

Bobbie: "I am in total agreement with what our police are doing. I and all my friends welcome the 'newbies' to our piece of paradise. Don't like it; go back to where you came from."

Jane added: "Thank you Friendly Bay Islander for leading the way and publishing stories that will change our community for the better."

And so it continues.

No matter how small, it is vital to report every illegal activity to Crime Stoppers. All reports to this police function are anonymous. The number is: 1800 333 000.