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Macleay Island Syndicate Shares in Superdraw millions!

• A happy team at 5 Star Supermarket on Macleay Island. Manager Perry Patel is pictured with the winning ticket with Adoni de Weger and Chris Hutchison.

A group of Macleay island friends have shared $2.2 million as part of a Gold Lotto $20 million Superdraw!

There were 15 shareholders in the group which participated in the Valentine's Day Gold Lotto Superdraw.

In addition to the first division prize of $2,222,222.23, the syndicate of players also won other divisional prizes, making their total prize worth $2,237,687.38 or $149,179.16 per share.

The group purchased their tickets at the Macleay Island 5 Star Supermarket Gold Lotto counter.

Perry Patel is the manager of the 5 Star Supermarket which sold the winning store syndicate ticket in the Gold Lotto $20 Million Valentine’s Day Superdraw.

“It took about half an hour for news of the division one win to get around the island on Sunday morning!” Mr Patel said excitedly.

“A number of the syndicate shareholders are regular customers so there’s been lots of hugs and kisses!

“Everyone is very deserving and some of the shareholders have said that their win couldn’t have come at a better time.

"The owner and all the staff at 5 Star Macleay Island are very excited that there are so many winners and we want to congratulate all of them on their windfall!"

The winning System 8 QuickPick Saturday Gold Lotto entry was from 5 Star Macleay Island.

Across Australia, there were nine winners that won a division one share worth $2,222,222.23 in the Gold Lotto $20 Million Valentine’s Day Superdraw.

Along with the winning entry sold in Queensland, there were two winning entries sold each in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

The winning numbers on 14 February 2015 were 42, 22, 35, 16, 37 and 24. The supplementary numbers were 36 and 29.



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