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• Darrell Barnie with Milo in his special lifting cage.

Milo is a special dog.

He is a bit of a mixture, but the amazing thing is, he is 19 years of age and he has his own personal 'carriage'.

The 'carriage' is in the shape of an animal lift which is used to help the ageing and very much loved dog, to the first floor of the family home on Macleay Island.

Milo is owned by Darrell Barnie and his partner, new island naturopath Sally Swift.

Because Milo has trouble getting around these days, the couple knew they would have trouble getting the old dog up and down the stairs of their Macleay home.

Whilst the couple only moved here in October, they have owned the home since 2002.

"When we planned to finally move here, we knew we were going to have trouble moving old Milo,"Darrell told The Friendly Bay Islander.

"So I came up with a lifting device that is, basically, a personal lift for Milo," Darrell said.

It involves a 200kg hoist attached to a swivel on the first floor verandah.

At the end of the wire rope is a cage, which is Milo's personal carriage.

"He hops in the cage and we lock the cage door.

"Using the controls, we lift Milo up and swivel him out over the railing, and then lower him slowly to the ground below," Darrell added.

Milo definitely enjoys the ride.

He then saunters around the yard and is happy to hop on board for the return journey 'to infinity and beyond!'

Sally attributes Milo's longevity to her naturopathic skills.

"I treat animals as well, and I have long applied them to Milo," she said.

Could be the old fella could be around for some time to come!



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