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Ted Upton Inspired to Sculpt Magnificent Nude Carvings

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• Ted and his biggest carving.

To Ted Upton, the female form is a wonderful inspiration for some of his superb timber carvings.

One of them was on display at the recent Three Modern Masters plus One exhibit at the Macleay Island Arts Complex.

The carving was inspired from last year's Multicultural Festival on Macleay Island and the visit by the Samba de Sol dancers from the Sunshine Coast.

"This Warrior Queen was one of the dancers and as soon as I saw her, I was inspired to carve her," Ted told The Friendly Bay Islander.

Her name is Joanna Skroce-Pullen, and she readily agreed to being carved out of Red Gum, after Ted explained his honourable intentions.

The result of his efforts is one tonne of Australian hardwood that has been sculptured into the wonderful form of 'Joanna: The Warrior Queen'.

It has held pride of placed safely outside the Arts Complex for the past three weeks because no-one was going to steal the ultra heavy piece.

"I was immensely proud of Joanna allowing me to sculpt her form from photographs supplied. She is a wonderful example of womanhood."

Ted Upton has carved many wonderful artworks and his home is decorated with many of them.

More and more are being now being 'discovered' by collectors and if the recent Three Modern Masters plus One (Ted) exhibition is any guide, Ted is going to become even more successful.

Getting back to the nudes, Ted was first inspired to carve a nude when he saw some lovely paintings by another island artist, Maz Thompson.

"That resulted in my first nude carving, 'Michelle', followed by 'Carol'.

Ted believes he has carved the nude female form for all the 'right reasons'.

He collects all scrap Forest Red Gum timbers from Macleay Island and sometimes he is given some other beautiful pieces of timber.

Using an ancient Wallaby Jack and a crowbar, he manoeuvres them into position and, with the help of chainsaw, chisels and mallet, Ted goes to work!

Ironically, Ted only discovered his artistic talents in recent years.

No matter, for Ted Upton every day is a new day of discovery.

A wonderful attitude!

By the way, Ted is the man behind the Artists at Work Easter Exhibition that will run throughout the Easter break at the Macleay Island Progress Hall, April 4-11, 10am to 4pm.




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