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• Glynis Enright and Cr Mark Edwards at the new BBQ convered area at the Russell Island sporting fields.

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Now Bay Island residents have no excuse but to enjoy the sporting amenities at the Russell Island Union Street sporting fields and tennis courts.

Work has just been completed on the amenity which entails an electric barbecue and attractive covered area.

The area will be further enhanced when work starts in the coming weeks on the Resilience and Sporting Amenity complex between the sporting fields and the tennis courts.

The funding for the covered barbecue area was provided by the Gambling Community Benefit Fund (administered by State Government).

The grant was applied for by Bay Islands Community Services Inc on behalf of the Bay Islands Tennis Club (auspiced by BICS)

Glynis Enright said: "The area was necessary because in times of extreme heat, there is nowhere to shelter at the tennis courts."

Glynis was full of praise for Allison Ferguson at council who assisted greatly in the lodging of all the building approvals and submissions required by council.

The new barbecue amenity had been strategically positioned so it will have a multi-purpose function.

"The nearby garden group who have productive adjoining gardens, are going to install a gateway to the sporting area to gain access to the barbecue facility.

"It can also be enjoyed by the Stingrays Rugby League and other groups that make use of the sporting fields," Glynis said.

Cr Mark Edwards wanted to remind 'all islanders' that the sporting fields and the new barbecue area are for 'all islanders'.

"Anyone or any group from any of the islands can come and enjoy these sporting facilities.

"I would welcome any group or organisation to start up tennis groups or netball fun or any local families to come and enjoy the facility," the councillor said.

To find out more, please contact Glynis Enright at BICS.