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Redland City Council has acted decisively following Lamb Island complaints in relation to properties deemed to be either unsightly and or overgrown.

Following a Lamb Island meeting with Cr Mark Edwards and a subsequent investigation by council officers, five property owners were identified as having property that required attention.

All five property owners were notified of the work that was required and were requested to remediate the land.

Three properties were cleaned up by the property owners. Two properties remained overgrown/ unsightly.

Council recently completed works to remediate one of these two properties as no action was taken by the property owner.

The last property is due to be followed up in coming weeks. In the event the condition of this property remains unchanged, Council will undertake the work to remediate the land.

Council encourages all property owners to be considerate neighbours by ensuring their properties are well maintained and kept free of general waste.

Many island residents are delighted at the council action.

"One resident told the Friendly Bay Islander:" We are grateful for any attention and action from council authorities and property agents on Lamb.

"There is feeling of a start of gradual improvement – if we all work together and stick at it," the resident said.

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