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The Karragarra Island Community Garden members are very pleased to have received a Permit To Occupy for land for their Community Garden commencing 1st April 2015. The community garden will encompass two blocks of land; the smaller block situated on The Esplanade will be primarily used for the growing of vegetables, herbs and flowers; whilst the larger block of approximately 1 acre on Treasure Island Avenue will be used as an orchard; growing fruit and nut trees as well as bush foods while maintaining the beautiful natural vegetation of the block. A design and planning day held on Saturday March 28th was well attended, with the community offering design ideas and suggestions for the development of the Esplanade block, the attendees were able to view a detailed to scale model of the block designed by Island resident Beverley Jensen, the model assisted the community get a sense of the possibilities of what could be incorporated into the block. The garden club was established on the island in September 2014 with 50 members. As word has spread, each meeting has seen more members of the local community joining the club. The Karragarra Community Garden (KCG) will not just supply the local residents with fresh fruit and vegetables, but be a new vibrant place to socialise and exercise, it will also through the development of an education program of lectures and guest speakers, educate the wider community on all aspects of organic gardening. Some lectures/workshops have already been delivered on soil management; worm farming, compost making, propagation and bamboo construction, a minimum of 25 people have attended all the sessions. The Community Garden is the starting point for the development of a culture of sustainability on the island with the members sourcing recycled material from across the island to be used in build a shed, compost bays and raised garden beds.

• The Garden Group on their new Karra garden site.



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